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0000008ResonicFile Systempublic2020-05-06 03:56
ReporterpatriceG Assigned ToTom  
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Product Version0.9.3 
Summary0000008: right click explorer folder 'Play in resonic pro beta' only loads the program but all empty
Descriptionwhen clicking on a folder 'Play in resonic pro beta' after having done a right clik over a folder in explorer

- opens resonic : ok
-opens related folder : ok
- no file listed in the internal resonic's explorer
- then no playback

forcing a left click over the folder on resonic wont' charge the list of files = the selected folder does not turn green

only selecting another folder and then coming back to the previously selected one then launches the playback
Steps To Reproducethis is not the option over an audio file, it works

each time I select a folder in explorer
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2020-04-27 03:02

administrator   ~0000006

Does this actually refer to 0.9.3?


2020-04-27 08:31

reporter   ~0000008

yes, here is what happens when right clicking a folder (ko) and a file (ok)
2-right_click_explorer-file.png (14,020 bytes)   
2-right_click_explorer-file.png (14,020 bytes)   


2020-04-27 14:52

reporter   ~0000009

shall the command only says: browse with Resonic and not play?


2020-04-28 18:51

administrator   ~0000011

It should play.

I believe we fixed this in 0.9.4 as well. Please download the 0.9.4 .msi from the Beta space (if unclear PM me on Discord please) and try with it.


2020-05-06 03:55

administrator   ~0000017

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Confirmed for installed versions:

For me:
0.9.3 opens, does not change folder or list files or play first file
0.9.4 opens, changes folder, does not list files, does not play first file

When started via cmdline all versions seem fine.

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