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0000012ResonicFile Systempublic2020-04-27 16:41
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Product Version0.9.3 
Summary0000012: shadow folder creation
DescriptionCreating a subfolder and moving existing content to a subfolder (with windows explorer) causes Resonic not to refresh its internal browser correctly,
a blank folder is show
cannot access it

example :

I have
-subfolder A > contains music

I do
my collection
-subfolder A
--subfolder 'name of the album' AA > contains music (moved from A)

Steps To Reproduce windows explorer (W) :
-browse a folder containing music, say A, with no subfolder
-open via 'play in R' via right click

in Resonic (R) :
-browse the first file : play it
-clic ctrl+enter (> opening current folder in windows file explorer)
-browse another folder, open it, play music

in W :
- open A
- create a folder, S
- cut paste all files to S

in R :
- go back to previous folder A
- S is shown as a subfolder
- another no name subfolder is shown
- this shadow folder cannot be acccessed

Additional Informationnow in Resonic I get

my collection
-subfolder A
--subfolder 'name of the album' AA
--shadow subfolder (no name)

see printscreen
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Resonic Build (Number)1807
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2020-04-27 16:41


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