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0000020ResonicUser Interfacepublic2020-08-11 21:12
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Product Version0.9.3 
Summary0000020: Software conflict – Changing the volume only attenuates the file

I use a software called MouseMux to fool Windows into thinking I have two pointers. That a workaround to be able to use a touchscreen and not have the cursor jump from the place I left it with my mouse and the place I touched my touchscreen. The Windows implementation is really bad, so this is the only way I found that allows me to "comfortably" use it. But anyway…

There is an issue with the gain control in Resonic Pro, when I'm using "Switched input" mode. No matter which way I drag my mouse, the values only go down. When I change it back to "Native mode" (the way Windows handles is, so essentially bypassing the MouseMux) everything works fine.
Attached is the video presenting the problem. As first we have "Native input" mode and I drag my mouse up and down, which is reflected in the values.
Then I change the mode to "Switched input" (my default) and you can see that the values only go down, even though I'm doing the exact same movement with my mouse as before.

I know it's a complicated issue, and it's probably also in the MouseMux implementation, but I'd love it to be solved.
Or for Microsoft to finally start supporting multiple cursors and touchscreens properly.
Whichever's easiest, really.
Steps To Reproduce – Click and drag the gain in Resonic window
 => Works as intended, values can be positive or negative, depending on the direction the mouse is dragged
 – Install Mousemux from the official site:, and launch it
 – Change the mode to Switched input
 – Click and drag the gain in Resonic windows
 => Values only go negative, no matter which way the mouse is dragged
Additional InformationWindows 10 1809, latest security updates
Tagsannoying, behavior
Resonic Build (Number)1954
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Adam Adams

2020-08-11 21:12


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