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0000023ResonicIntegrationpublic2021-01-04 23:51
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Product Version0.9.3 
Summary0000023: Instability in Explorer.exe
DescriptionI was having major stability issues with Explorer following running Resonic the first time. After some troubleshooting, I've determined that Resonic's Explorer integration conflicts with NCH Software's Explorer integration for their audio conversion and transcription tools. When I uninstalled Resonic, Explorer immediately returned to normal functionality. When I uninstalled the NCH Software suite (on a hunch) and then reinstalled Resonic, the same issue has not been reproduced.
Steps To ReproducePersistent after first run while conflicting software installed.
Additional InformationI doubt a whole lot of Resonic users will also have NCH software for audio conversion and/or transcription, but here's their link in case y'all deem the issue is worth investigating -
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