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0000024ResonicUsabilitypublic2021-02-10 16:53
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Summary0000024: Space character at end of path name ignored
DescriptionIf there is a space character at the end of a path name, the subdirectories and files below it will be ignored.
Steps To ReproduceNOTE: Windows does not let you create a folder with a space at the end of its name.
1. On Mac, create a folder with a space at the end of its name.
2. Create a subfolder and put a sample file in it.
3. Compress the folder with a space in its name.
4. Copy the compressed file to the Windows PC
5. Uncompress the file into one of the Resonic libraries.

You will see the folder but you can't see the subfolder nor the sample file. I've attached an example compressed file.
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2021-02-10 16:53

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