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Summary0000006: file association fails thru installer
DescriptionPro version :

After having checked thru install program to grant Resonic all audio files association, this s not the case (audio files still belongs to previous soft)

This has to be done inside Resonic parameters.
Steps To ReproduceLauch installer
Select to add module for file associations
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After install is complete, explorer settings seems to have not been updated
Additional Information

Even reparing install does not change the settings

To change this I have to go to settings change file associations
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2020-05-03 22:34

administrator   ~0000014

For MSI setups we _never_ overwrite current user (HKCU) file association defaults like other programs do.
They often simply grab your existing associations (VLC is a good example) which I find unnerving.

We merely register the new associations and everything that is required so that Windows can see that Resonic supports certain file types.

If you want to open them with Resonic you have to "Open with" and "Always open with" Resonic.

So far this is the only non-hacky way to offer a non-invasive file associations support.
I'll see if this could possibly be extended in future versions.


2020-05-03 22:35

administrator   ~0000015

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Besides, Resonic is also registered as "Default app" for music playback. You have to pick it though.
Once you do, all file associations that can be used will be used.


2020-05-03 22:40

administrator   ~0000016

There are a few places where you can set defaults. Default apps, defaults per file type, and defaults per program.
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